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Extreme Polar Training

Dates: Feb..22 to March 6, 2010
*Must arrive in Iqaluit, by Feb..22

Cost: $3,500 plus GST (5% tax)
Canadian dollars, from Iqaluit, Nunavut

Course Description:

There are 3 parts to the course:

1. The first 6 days focus on skill & technique development. Indoor workshops include Cold Weather Injuries, Clothing Systems, Nutrition, Communications and Sponsorship. For the afternoon workshops we head outside to perfect skiing techniques, navigation & route finding, kite skiing and dog sledding.

2. The second part is a 4 day mini expedition that into practice all that you have learned into “The Art of Polar Travel”.

3. The third part is a 3 day final expedition during which the group travels on their own, taking full responsibility for their own safety and travel. See course outline for further information

Hello Matty,

I am truly grateful for the polar expedition training you have put together. I have repeated a hundred times to people here how much I have learned from you and our trainers.  As much of the technical training was critical, it is the hundreds of little comments, stories, tricks that meant the most to me. You have communicated your passion for the great polar regions and because of this, I will now try to walk my own path in this great polar world! 

Catherine Fortier (2009 Polar Training Participant)

For a detailed overview of the Polar Training go to: Course Outline

Please go to: Clothing / Equipment for a list of the clothing and equiment that NorthWinds supplies and what you will need to bring.