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Ski Last Degree

Dates: April

Cost: To be confirmed

If you have always dreamed of a journey to the top of the world, but could not afford the cost or have the time to invest in a full 60 day expedition, NorthWinds offers an exciting alternative: Ski Last Degree Expedition.

We meet in Longyearbyne, a small town on the remote Spitsbergen Islands that now belong to Norway, for a 2 day shake-down training. Flights depart from Oslo Norway daily for Longyearbyen. When the weather allows, we fly to "Barneo", the Russian research station on the polar ice. Depending on the polar drift, we ski from Barneo or are dropped off by helicopter "one degree" of latitude from the North Pole. Although we call this a "Last Degree Expedition", (a degree is 60 nautical miles), we may need to modify our starting point due to weather delays, skill level or ice conditions, which may make the trip longer or shorter.

Pricing does not include flights to to Longyearbyen, or accommodations and meals in town.


You need to be in good physical condition, have strong cross-country ski skills, have cold weather experience and a sense of adventure.You can expected to be skiing 6 to 8 hours a day, over pressure ridges and ice pans, pulling a 30 - 40 kg pulk. We camp on the ice in Hilleberg tents which we heat with our MSR cooking stoves. This gives us the luxury of thawing out and dying gear in the evening.