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South Pole


Fom Hercules Inlet

To the Geographic South Pole

Dates: Nov. 12 to Jan. 10 2009-10 (60 days)

Cost: $61,950 US from Punta Arenas, Chile

Travel in the footsteps of Amundsen, Shackleton and Scott across the Antarctic continent to the South Pole. We begin this classic ski expedition at Hercules Inlet on the edge of the Ronne Ice Shelf, ski 600 nm (1,110 kilometers) up the largest ice cap in the world, to an altitude of 3,000 meters (9,300 ft) to reach the Geographic South Pole.

NorthWinds has successfully guided 7 ski-all-the-way expeditions to the South Pole and 5 to the North Pole.


Skiing to the South Pole is a very attainable challenge for those willing to mentally and physically train. You can expect to skis, pulling a pulk (sleds) weighing 50 - 60 kg (110 to 130 lbs.) for approximately 7 - 9 hours per day. The skiing surface can varry between hard packed sastrugie to soft snow. Temperatures will be around -30 C at the start, -20 C around the Summer Solstic and -35 C on the plateau, with wind-chills up to -50 C. The Expedition will take between 50 and 55 days depending on snow conditions, weather and the group travel style.