The Following is feed back from presentations that Matty McNair has given to a wide variety of audiences.

Mystic Seaport's Adventure Series “The Secrets of Polar Travel"

Dear Matty,   Thank you very much for coming to talk at Mystic Seaport's Adventure Series on October 19, 2006 .  Your presentation on "The Secrets of Polar Travel" was outstanding in every way.  The clarity of setting a real and challenging goal, the importance of putting together the right team (including your wonderful dogs!), the proper training and the all important ingredient of having fun vs. dwelling on  difficulties were inspirational.   Your moving slides and sense of humor gave everyone a feel for the beauty and the dangers of traveling to the Poles--and the reasons behind your successful expeditions.  Your talks set new standards at Mystic Seaport in terms of the many questions from the audience.  Members simply did not want to let you go--and they are a critical audience!   But your talks went beyond traveling to the Poles.  Your words reminded us of the essence of how we should face life, no matter when we travel or live. Thank you on behalf of everyone.  We hope you will return to share your love of facing life head on--with directness and attention to the important ingredients.   Sincerely, Karin Soderberg, Assistant Director, Membership


Candaian Forces “The Secrets of Polar Travel”

Review by Captain Tulloch

Matty McNair has proven that she has mastered the art of leadership – she demonstrates an acute understanding of small team dynamics and how to motivate people to accomplish the seemingly unattainable.  Her presentation to our students, senior officers in the Canadian Forces, proved inspirational, entertaining and invaluable.

  Matty McNair is a remarkable woman. A gifted and articulate speaker, an ebullient personality and a gifted leader, she exudes self confidence and demonstrates an intimate knowledge and understanding of the Polar Regions .  Her enthusiasm is infectious - to meet her is to experience one of the great adventurous spirits of today.  She lives her life on a grand scale and has a rare ability to inspire and entertain.  She is truly a unique individual.

 CAPT (N) Tulloch, Director Command and Staff Programmer, Canadian Forces College Toronto


Wilderness Symposium, "On Thin Ice, a woman's journey to the North Pole"

Review by George Luste, physics professor at the University of Toronto and organizer of the Wilderness Symposium.

A few years ago Matty McNair was the invited keynote speaker at an annual Wilderness Symposium I organize in Toronto . Matty recounted her experiences in leading an all-women trek to the north pole. Her presentation was the highlight of the weekend. About 700 people from all over North America attend it on a regular basis.

She held the large audience in rapt attention throughout her presentation. She spoke clearly and well, with sincere passion for the northern landscape and its unforgiving nature. She understands the risks and the experienced judgment that is required to cope with it. Her unassuming manner, her smoothly organized narrative, the personal anecdotes, the humorous incidents and more - all combined to make for a truly excellent presentation.

But above all I would commend her honest sincerity about what she is and what she does. The genuine nature of it communicates well and leaves the listener enriched by the experience.