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Greenland Kiting Expedition

30 day expedition

Dates: May 16 - June 12, 2004

Cost: $14,000 CAD, from Iqaluit

Maximum Group Size: 6

Paul: evening kiting

Travel in the footsteps of Fridjof Nansen across the Greenland Ice Cap, the second largest ice cap in the world. We begin our kiting expedition on the west coast and travel 550 kilometers across the undulating whiteness of the interior of Greenland. We descend to the ocean six kilometers from the small Inuit settlement of Isortoq. Our expedition begins mid-May and finishes mid-June; the best time of year for a crossing. The sun shines nearly 24 hours per day, the temperature fluctuates between -10 to -20 C and the surface is ideal for kiting. Your first three days are spent in Iqaluit, training on Frobisher Bay, a kite-skiing 'hot spot.'

The expedition is guided by Paul Landry and Eric McNair-Landry. Eric is part of the young generation of kiters: comfortable with a kite on snow with skis, on water with a surf board and in a buggy on a beach. Eric has kite-skied extensively on Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island and across the Greenland Icecap. In summer we can’t keep him out of the buggies. He’s kite-surfed at the world re-known kite surfing beach at Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Paul has been to the South Pole twice and the North Pole three times. Paul used kites on his 2002 South Pole expedition, completing the journey in 46 days. Visit the ‘Kids & Kites on Ice’ Greenland crossing web site at

Prerequisites: Must be in excellent physical condition and in good health. Cross country ski skills, kiting and basic winter camping experience are required. We will ask for a detailed resume of your health, phyiscal fitness, skill level and previous expedition experience before accepting you on the expedition. You will also need evacuation insurance.

Eric having fun
Difficulty:  * * * *
Polar expeditions are a combination of mental attitude, physical stamina and skills. You must be in top physical condition with a mental determination of steel. Cross-country skiing skill is a must for efficient polar travel. On the kiting expedition, you can expect, when there is wind, to kite for 8, 10, 12. . . hours at a time. On windless days, we will pull pulks weighing 60 - 70 kg for 6 - 8 hours per day. If you are a person who embraces challenges and has a sense of humor when the going gets tough, you will truly enjoy the experience of traveling on the Greenland ice cap.